The planet doesn’t need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restores, storytellers and lovers of all kinds Dalai Lama

 Hi, my name is Wanda, I am a dedicated Yogi, passionate Yoga Teacher and Photographer, living in Bali Indonesia. I believe that our world would be a better place if each of us would practice mindfulness through yoga and meditation. I know about the great impact and the transformative power that yoga can have on our lives. No matter what history, religion, age, or anatomy you have.

Yoga is meant for you and for everyone

My mission is to inspire people like you from all over the world for the path and the gifts that yoga holds for us. Yoga is the practice of Self – Awareness. Becoming aware of our breath, body, emotions and most importantly about the content of our minds. And Yoga is the practice of Awakening. Awakening to our fullest potential and the Realization of our true nature. The yoga tradition offers us very practical tools on the path towards Awareness & Awakening: asana (physical postures), pranayma (breath control), bandha (energy lock), mantra (repeated words or sounds) and meditation practices to empower us and improve our level of consciousness. 

On this page I share with my passion, knowledge and understandings of the yogic path. Get inspired and practice online yoga with me through my free youtube videos and my regular blogs posts. Get in touch with me and visit me in Bali to practice in my daily classes and have a look at my Workshops and Retreat offerings.

I want to support you to become the highest version of yourself, to step into your power and your full potential, to shine your light and share your gifts with this world. We all are meant to shine and be a light in this world, to serve others and co – create a peaceful place of loving kindness on our planet earth. 

Love to connect with you, Namaste Wanda

  • Diana, 34

    " Wanda's yoga classes are some of the best I've ever experienced and I've taken yoga all over the world. Wanda is such a delight, full of so much knowledge and brings lots of care and attention to her classes and students. I wish I could live stream her classes so I can keep taking them when I get back home. Her aura is inspiring and calming."

  • Yaela, 33

    Managing Director of a Health Company

    "The yoga sessions with Wanda opened my body, eyes and heart.  Not only to myself but to those around me. She showed me how to reconnect with my body and open up both literally and figuratively.  I will forever be grateful for this beautiful experience!“

  • Amandine Scarato, 38

    Author and Life Coach / France

    “I discover an purely amazing woman in the Shala of Radiantly Alive. A yoga teacher, fresh, young, active, nice, clam and powerful at the same time.  Wanda, deeply knows how to guide a lesson of yoga flow with kindness challenges poses, funny jokes. She has just everything we could expect from a yoga teacher. She also knows how to get the better of everyone. The song choosen just make people happy. She is excellent in vinyasa, fly yoga, yin yoga, pilates I did not miss any of her classes. To conclude, I just want to say that Wanda is a wonderful inspiring woman, and very beautiful !”

  • Caroline, 32

    Dr. of History / Austria

    “The first time I met Wanda, i was literally desesperated because of my health issues and pains after my first pregnancy. When I told her my problems, Wanda found the perfect words to give me hope and explained me the benefits of yoga on your body and your mental condition. Within a short time, I was feeling much better. Her very both professional and empathetic way to train with you is a unique experience! Thanks Wanda for having show me the little light at the end of the tunnel!”

  • Martin, 35

    Entrepreneur online businesses / Austria

    “I was deeply impressed by how well Wanda understood my needs as I'm rather stiff but well trained man who had some scepticism about yoga. We did a very strenuous, well balanced workout that inspired me to continue and even increase the time I spend practicing yoga.”

  • Robert, 29

    Policeman / Germany

    "Wanda is just wonderful. She exudes so much calmness, warmth, cordiality and joy that the yoga classes are a delight with her. Nevertheless, it is challenging and one is led to its limit - according to the motto - Everything goes, nothing has. Beginners as well as an experienced  practitioner feels in good hands and leaves the yoga class with a great feeling. „