See the good, Be the good


We choose the quality of our lives and relationships. We have the freedom to use our God-given opportunities to make our lives useful for ourselves and for others. paramahamsa_prajnanananda

I claim myself being a student of the Kriya Yoga Lineage. A lineage create and passed over for hundreds of years by the great Kriya Yoga Masters, Babji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and Paramahamsa Yogananda – who is known as the author of the famous and one of the most amazing books of all times: The Autobiography of a Yogi. If you have not read it yet, do it! It will change your life! I just receive the yearly Christmas letter, from the Kriya Yoga Community, written by current presenter of the Kriya Yoga Lineage: Paramahamsa Prajnanananda.

It is deeply inspiring, precious and wise that I want to share most of his letter here with you. Enjoy reading. Love Wanda

Loving and Divine Soul,

Time flows like a river. The water in the river is sweet. If this water is not used, it ultimately flows back to the ocean and becomes salty. Time is precious and does not wait for anyone. If we do not use it, an opportunity will slip from our hands. Our beloved Shri Gurudev often said, Opportunity must not be neglected, for it may never return. But what do we really do every day? Our precious time and talent, our minds and memory, although precious, are we using them for our evolution? This precious time will not come back to us again. It flows back to the timeless spirit or into a state of death.

We choose the quality of our lives and relationships. We have the freedom to use our God-given opportunities to make our lives useful for ourselves and for others. Unfortunately, many of us abuse this treasure. A beautiful verse in Sanskrit describes human nature with a beautiful comparison:

sadgunah gunam icchanti dosham icchanti pamarah makshikah vranam icchanti madhum icchanti bhramarah

As flies seek filthy things or pus, and bees search for a source of honey in flowers, people
with vices look for faults in others, while noble and good people always see goodness in others.

Let us reflect upon our lives and find out what kind of people we are. Are we good or bad? What are our minds like ” flies or bees? Do we try to find faults in others or do we see goodness in all?

The answer will reveal what kind of life we are leading. A faultfinding nature is a great vice and we should eliminate it. It is a virus that can bring a host of miseries into life. Seeing good in others is the door to see God in all. It is possible only when we become good and do good to others.

This year, from 5 January 2017 to 5 January 2018, we will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the birth of our great Gurudev Paramahamsa Yoganandaji who always emphasized that we should be free from finding fault. We should transform our lives with the beginning of this new year.

Let us begin this new year with a new light of love and compassion, with a new understanding of seeing good and doing good. Let this new year be a turning point in our lives. Let us all use our precious time to make ourselves divine and ultimately make this beautiful world a real paradise.

Wishing you all a prosperous and spiritual New Year.

With Love, Prajnanananda


Beautiful Minds

bildschirmfotoWe see them every day: Beautiful Faces – especially living here in Canggu AK Hipsters Town where the average Age is between 16 – 25. In those media focused days, we are spoiled with outer Beauty! But how many beautiful minds do we actually meet?!


Namaste Yogis,

We see them every day: Beautiful Faces – especially living here in Canggu AK Hipsters Town where the average Age is between 16 – 25. In those media focused days, we are spoiled with outer Beauty!
But how many beautiful minds do we actually meet?!

In my former life as a model and actress I have met a lot of those: Beautiful Faces! And don’t get me wrong, I love Beauty and Aesthetics.

But when I look back into my model and acting times I felt mostley lonely amongst those VIP partys I rareley had a deep, meaningful or inspiring conversation with one of those beauties. It was a lot about the external and little about the content of our minds & heart.
The deep need for depth and the meaningful questions: Who am I? What is the meaning of life? What happens when we die? Brought me to my full commitment to the yogic path.

Many of us, me included, struggle with the acceptance of our body looks, how many of us hold criticism and judgement about our outer appearance?! In times of botox, beauty surgery and photoshop we all are used to a picture – perfect which we likely, subconsciously, compare ourselves too.The reality is, we all age, we all die, and if we don’t do botox or beauty surgery, we can do very little about our anatomy, the shape of our butt, our height, the color of our eyes, or our hair thickness.

This body, our outer appearance is something we come onto this world. with. Its our gift, this vessel is the suite our soul travels in, in this very life time, its our temple we’ve given. And we should treat it well, with love, care and respect, yes.Eat healthy food, get enough sleep and rest, exercise yoga, surfing, running ect.
This is all true and at the same time, this body, this hair, these eyes, its not YOU! The human body is amazing, the complex functions are just mind-blowing, but its important to remember: Its not who you are! You are not your body, you are not your look!

‘ I AM NOT MY HAIR, I AM NOT THIS SKIN I AM A SOUL THAT LIVES WITHIN ‘ – As India Arie one of my favorite artist sings

Cause its not so much about how we actually look like, but through which lense do we look onto ourselves and others?! A warm, loving sense? A generous sense?!

Yoga offers us many tools to refine the content of our minds. The first step is to become AWARE, aware that we are not our thoughts, our believes and that we have a choice though which sense we want to look into this world.


In the slower, meditative Practices, like MOON HATHA, YIN & MEDITATION we offer you the opportunity to move your body smooth and conscious and at the same time have a closer look into the content of your mind.


Love Wanda

What are the Chakra’s?!

az1a5580_v1Maybe you reading this right now at some part of the world, have heard the word chakra before and never really been clear about it what chakras really are?! How do they appear in our body?! 


Maybe you have heard the word chakra before and never really been clear about it what chakras really are?! How do they appear in our body?! And most importantly how do they play out in our everyday life?!

Lets start in the beginning, the word chakra from the sanskrit word cakra which means „wheel“. From a yogic and holistic perspective the human being doesn’t exist only as flesh, bones and blood but in the first place as an energetic being – a soul. Chakras are part of our energy body, our subtle body, which we can’t usually be seen with our eyes, only when we are very psychic.

‚You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body‘ – C.S. Lewis

Chakras are our main energy centers in our subtle body running along our spine, from our tailbone towards the top of the crown, shining in all various colors of the rainbow. There are 9 fundamental forces in our human experience, but 7 major ones which I will focus on in this article. Ancient yogis discovered the chakras in deep meditative states, sensing the different colors and qualities of the energy centers, as bundle of nerves around the spine. Often chakras are shown as wheels, or a vortex of swirling energy or as flower like symbol ( yantra symbol ) with a certain amount of petals. 

Indeed every chakra / energy center has its own number of  ‚flower petals‘ – and is demonstrated in a yantra symbol  – these petals are related to the different Nadis meeting at this very particular chakra. Nadis are energetic pathways through which prana ( life-force – also known as chi in chinese medicine ) flows. 

Prana is our essence, it is the life giving force, we find prana in sunlight, food ( which is grown though light), nature are the essence of prana. Prana is which keeps us all alive and vibrates through our cells. Through yogic practices like Pranayama techniques ( Breath control ), meditation, asana practice we can multiply the amount of prana we taking in through our cells and lungs. The most potent fields of panic environment we find near the ocean, in nature, a forrest and in very high vibrant food. So we can take prana in from the outside and at the same time we are also constantly running on a pranic level during our lifes. 

Each of our Chakras has a specific location in the physical body, has it’s own  color, element, mantra, connected organs, a sense of perception, and specific qualities and characteristics, there are even specific flowers, stones and yoga poses to strengthen or balance a particular energy center in our body. 

Through some chakras the prana flow is more fluently and through some chakras the prana flow might be depleted or even too strong depending on our constitution, our experiences and how we treat ourselves in life.

From a yogic perspective everybody already comes in with a specific map of chakra – constitution, this is called yantra  – yoga.But this would be a different conversation. As we move into the knowledge of the different chakras It is interesting to discover which chakras are already strong inside of us, balanced and which are depleted  or over active/ too strong. From a holistic view we want to live in a balanced state, our energy body as well as our physical body. It’s essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy ( prana ) can not flow.
Yogi Bhajan says, when the energetic body is healed the physical body will follow. 

The chakras system is very detailed system here I will give you a short overview of the different chakras, their qualities and location in the body.

1. Chakra: Muladhara / Root Chakra 

Color: Red
Yantra Symbol: Yellow Square in 4 – sided red mandala
Element: Earth
Force: Gravity, primal force in material creation
Physical Location: end of the spine, pelvic floor, tailbone and beyond the physical body
Characteristics when Chakra is balanced: being rooted, trust in life, being supported and held by life, feeling secure, and taken care of, primary instinct, survival, power to survive, sustainability, security, stability, grounded, rooted, satisfaction of primal needs
Sense Perception / Jnanendriya: Smelling
Physical Body / Karmendriya: The feet, moving towards or away from something, closest contact with the earth, legs
Organs: Testes, kidneys, spine
Mantra: I AM Bija / Sound Mantra: LUNG
2. Chakra: Swadhistana / Home of the Self ( the small one ) Chakra
Color: Orange
Yantra Symbol: Cresecent moon in 6 – sided mandala
Element: Water
Force: Adhesion, Covalence, bonds between atoms and
Physical Location: sacrum
Characteristics when Chakra is balanced: going with the flow, letting go, creativity, emotions, sexuality, acceptance, open minded, sensitive, nurturing, social, sharing energy in various forms of relationships, vitality, fertile, sensuality, movability, flexibility
Sense Perception / Jnanendriya: Tasting
Physical Body / Karmendriya: Hands, being creative with our hands, music,painting
Organs: sex organs, bladder, fluids in the body, prostate, ovaries, kidneys,
Mantra: I FEEL
Bija / Sound Mantra: VUNG 

3. Chakra: Manipura / Solarplexus Chakra – City of Jewels

Color: Yellow
Yantra Symbol: Red, downward looking triangle yellow 10 –
sided mandala
Element: Fire / Sun Center
Force: Combustion / Burning / Verbrennung , the force of
change and transformation, liberation of energy, energy we feel
as heat, energy we see as light, campfire, sun, digestive fire
( agni ), changes food into energy
Physical Location: two fingers above the navel
Characteristics when Chakra is balanced: self – determination, willpower, self – expressive into the world, artistic confident, generous, protective, lively, active, ambition, motivated, initiators of plans loves change, spontaneity, power & action
Sense Perception / Jnanendriya: Seeing, there is a neurological connection between the eyes and the optic nerve and the solar plexus
Physical Body / Karmendriya: the anus, the end of the digestive tract and the control point of letting go
Organs: Intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder, stomach, upper spine

4. Chakra: Anahata / Heart Chakra – Center of un-struck sound 

Color: green, light rose/pink
Yantra Symbol: Two interlaced triangles, circled by 12 – sided
Element: Air
Force: Expansion/ Repulsion ( zusammenziehend ) , all
expansion outward moving force in the universe, force that makes
us breathe keeps the heart beating,
Physical Location: Heart center / Chest
Characteristics when Chakra is balanced: Heart opening, loving,
compassion, love giving, seeing each being as divine, non – judgmental,
purity, love, acceptance, tolerance, forgiving, joyful
Sense Perception / Jnanendriya: Feeling
Physical Body / Karmendriya: Heart, need to feel, orgasm,blissful
Organs: heart, lungs, skin
Mantra: I LOVE
Bija / Sound Mantra: YUNG 

5.Chakra: Vishuddha / Center of Purity ( under the matter, sound and vibration is the purest form of reality) – Throat Chakra 

Color: Blue
Yantra Symbol: pink oval, in blue 16 – sided mandala
Element: Ether – electromagnetic vibration
Force: Electro Magnetism, Vibration at a wide range of frequency,
vibrant force, infinite space through light waves, vibrates through
our brain cells, stimulating thoughts, free – flowing vibrant power
Physical Location: in the throat
Characteristics when Chakra is balanced: Life adjustable,
Communication, Inspiration, able to express our truth, fearless,
personal individual ability of expression, Exchange of knowledge,
exchange with the surrounding
Sense Perception / Jnanendriya: Hearing
Physical Body / Karmendriya: throat, voice, speaking or singing
Organs: Bronchial tubes, vocal cords, respiratory system, all areas of the mouth, including tongue and esophagus
Mantra: I SPEAK
Bija / Sound Mantra: HUNG 

6.Chakra: Ajna / 3rd eye / Command Center 

Color: violet, indigo
Yantra Symbol: Circle with two side petals
Element: Mind – elemental force of mind knows as magnetism
Force: Magnetism, magnetic patterns which hold every particle or wave in its place or in its path, genetic blueprint from which our personal manifestation originates
Physical Location: between the eyebrows
Characteristics when Chakra is balanced: Intuition, access to inner wisdom, imagination, conception, understanding of relating inners processes, visionary, spiritual awareness
Sense Perception / Jnanendriya: extrasensory perception, psychic abilities
Organs: nose, eyes, ears, face, brain
Mantra: I SEE
Bija / Sound Mantra: UNG ( ng sound )

7.Chakra: Sahas-rara / Crown Chakra 

Color: White, gold
Yantra Symbol: Thousand petaled lotus
Element: Awareness
Force: Consciousness, Awareness, spiritual essence
Physical Location: Crown/ Top of the head
Characteristics when Chakra is balanced: opening to the divine,
spirituality, universal love, higher knowing, cosmic, consciousness,
enlightenment, reflective, meditative, pure awareness
Sense Perception / Jnanendriya: All
Organs: scull, cerebrum, Spinal cord and brain system
Mantra: I KNOW
Bija / Sound Mantra: AUM / OM 

When you have read now through the different Chakras you might notice that some chakras feels quiete balanced inside of you and another one might feel more depleted or difficult to relate to. This can give us a hint for our present state in life, what we should work on or what is important in order to feel more balanced.

To make it a bit more relatable for you here 2 examples how you could read for yourself the chakra knowledge:

For example when you are going through a phase of change and transition in your life, you might have lost or change your job, moving to another city, ending a relationship. You most likely have feelings of insecureity and ungrounded, cause literally the „earth is shaking „ for you. That means your 1 st chakra, the chakra of security and stability is being challenged and maybe out of balance. So for you its important now to care for yourself  and give yourself extra love and security and spending time with loving friends in order to give yourself some security back.And also it would be a time of trusting life that everything happens for a reason and everything will be alright even it might not occur to you like this at the moment.

Another example, if you have a very silent voice and its hard for you to speak up you might even have problems with your voice, lots of tension in the neck or your thyroid. This could be signs for a depleted 5 th chakra – throat chakra. 

The chakra of expressing our truth and speaking up being heard. Singing and expression lessons like theater play would be great to do for you.

Makes sense?! So when you would like to dig deeper into the chakra system it is a facinating system which can help us a lot to understand ourselves and others better and our struggles and constitution as human beings.

I hope this article was helpful and inspiring for you.

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Lots of Love