Wanda’s Story

Wanda Badwal Portrait

Wanda’s Story

Like many people who end up on a yoga mat, the path to get us there, is rarely straight and always interesting. Mine is one of those stories and it feels like I was drawn by something bigger than me.In the yogi language we call that ‚ mahad‘ the bigger idea of what our soul should become in this lifetime.Growing up in a somewhat alternative family in Germany, I was exposed to meditation and spirituality at an early age, and it has been something I have explored all my life. In 2008 I moved from Hamburg to Berlin and found a personal refuge and Oasis at the Spirit Yoga Studio, and really started my yoga journey in earnest.

I was formally educated in Germany as a professional musical actress. I studied singing, acting and dancing at the Stage School in Hamburg and spent a lot of time in the media industry, on stage, in front of the camera as a model and actress and at times I definitely exceeded my own limits. I know only too well what it means to lose yourself in the external world.

My journey from an external focus, to finding a more internal (and surprisingly larger) space, might have taken its time showing up, but at some level – even when I was modelling and acting – I was driven by a strong desire to find more depth to my existence and deal with the bigger questions of life. My path to greater discovery of me, included silent retreats, mediation seminars, Ayurvedic massage training in India, and now the complete immersion of myself in the teachings, philosophy and practice of yoga. Not only as a physical practice, but as a way to live a more aware life and become a higher version of myself.

I love to teach dynamic yoga, with the sparkling joy of living and loving from the heart. I also love to work with people through challenging asana’s to bring out their highest potential followed by yin postures to stimulate deep healing. In my classes you can also expect to experience the elements of music and mantra chanting. And one of my favourite passions off the mat is to be on the other side of the camera as photographer and create visible magic in the pictures.