Angry Yogi – A Love Letter



I am an angry yogi, I noticed that this morning on the scooter to class and my poor students had to take it.That’s irresponsible! She is a yogi she shouldn’t be angry?! Nope, I am a human and not 24/7 a happy hippo. And I don’t believe in a fake spirituality of wearing a mask of constant-positivity, cause no one is – until enlightened. And even then I doubt that an enlightened monk never wakes up with a bad mood, but they can let go of it easier for sure. I heard writing is therapeutic technique to transforms anger into a healthy expression healthy and an efficient text, so thats what this might be.

Actually there is a reason why I am angry. Usually something acts like a trigger for our anger, my trigger in this case was a vinyasa class I took last night. Where a colorful variety of poses was unskillfully and unsafley thrown together, a tripod, a loose shoulderstand, half moon, galavasana, boat, warrior II, warrior III, crow pose ect. Yes, I sweated crazy. It seamed like the yoga teacher tryed to impress the students with as many poses as possible from each pose category, most difficult, and complex – combination sequences that where practices for 10 min balancing on only one leg. These days where it is so easy to call yourself a ‘ yoga teacher ‘ after one month of training-the number of people who are ‘yoga teachers ‘ increases but also the number of people who have actually no clue about the tradition and the science of yoga. Cause thats what yoga is, it is a science, it is a philosophy and a tradition. 

Few know about the anatomy of the physical body, and the anatomy of the mind. Cause EVERY POSE has an immidiate energetic effect on our mind, emotional, physical and mind body. Its not just rowing various poses next to eachother and thats it. Teaching yoga is an art. It has so so much to it to make a yoga class a real good one, a real healthy and even healing one. 

I am angry and actually sad about how poorly yoga is taught these days, unskillfully and watered down to a physical exercise practice! Guys, sweating as much as possible and doing most fancy poses in a row has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOGA!!! This is an exercise class please call it gymnastics, call it workout but not yoga.

yogas chitta vritti nirodhaha 

yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind.

  • Yoga = to yoke, to join, to unite
  • Chitta = consciousness / mind 
  • Vritti = fluctuations
  • Nirodhah = quieting of

tada drashtuh svarupe avasthanam

Then the Seer abides in Itself, resting in its own True Nature, which is called Self-realization.

  • tada = then, at that time; at the time of concentration and meditation
  • drashtuh = the seer’s, of the soul, witness, Atman, Self; from the root drsh, which means to see (It is significant to note that Patanjali is not trying to define who is the seer, or the nature of that seer. This is left to be answered or resolved in direct experience.)
  • svarupe = in its own nature, own form  or essence; (sva = own; rupa = form)
  • avasthanam = stability, settling, remaining, being in a state, resting, standing, lying, abiding; the root stha means to stand

Taught by the wise sage patanjai in the yoga sutras one of the famouse, classic philosophic yogic texts. 

Patanjali is basically saying: We have to get still first then we can experience our purest and true being, which is pure expansive awareness. 

Only when you still the fluctuations of the mind you can experience more of who you are, the you can reach a state of yoga, of union. Cause thats what yoga means. 

He didn’t say, yoga is about sweating like crazy and and showing off in your armbalance. 

I ask you, how can you your mind get still when you sweat through as many poses as possible with no break inbetween ? How can you breathe properly and sense the energetic impact of the pose when there is no space to do so?! When there are no moments of stillness. And when the shavasana is only 3 min long, how can integration work in you and carry you into a space of expansive awareness – your own true beingness ?!

(Why savasana is the most important pose of the practice I soon will write an article about)

Why don’t you just chill Wanda, why do you bother? Cause I care! Thats why, I truely care for yoga and the gift that yoga has to offer to us. I honor what the traditional has taught about yoga. 

And surely Yoga is many things and Patanjali is not the only yogi there was. But what the majority of ancient yogis and spiritual masters have found out:

Yoga the gift of selfrememerence. Yoga is the practice, the path to our true self. The öath of selfrealization.

The gift of realizing more of who we truely are. To reconnect to our divine nature. And in order to do that we have to become more aware, and we can only become more aware of the thoughts, actions and decisions we take, the content of our mind, if we slow down. Yes, we HAVE TO SLOW DOWN OUR PRACTICE there is no other way in order to truely reconnect with our essence. We can not become sensitized to energy or notice the fluctuations of our mind if we hardly can breathe or can not be still for a single minute. Nice workout but not yoga. So I would like to propose that not every yoga class that says you get yoga is actually yoga. Quiete the opposite – cause if you look on what tradition says, yoga is meant to calm the mind. If it doesn’t do that and you feel all over the place after class, it was not yoga. 

Yes I think the definition of what yoga is and what not should be more strict. 

If yoga doesn’t lead you to more awareness, if it doesn’t center you into your being, if you don’t become sensitized to your own breath, feelings and energy and the energy around you, there should not be no label of yoga on the class.

Yoga should lead you more and more inward to the true being that you are. Not to an egoic 

‘ I like to show off – achievement mindset ‘

Patanjali also didn’t say

Yoga = Asana. Yoga is not Asana. Everyone who knows about the eight folded path of Patanjali 

( ) – knows that asana is only a very small part of the scientific path of yoga philosophy. 

And the more I learn about it, the deeper I study it, the more I realize how less I know. 

What I propose to you is to not buy into a superficial idea of yoga as asana. What yoga really does to you and what it opens up, you will not find in an image on Instagram, its not possible to show yoga in an image. Its a practice, its a practical experience. And yoga has to offer to us so much more than physical practice. A complete yogic practice, should integrate a part of asana, savasana, pranayama and meditation – under the umbrella of a specific theme. 

Maybe by then you have noticed I am truely passionate about yoga, yes I truly love it. I am really much in love with it and what it had done to me and my life. It has opened me up in so many ways. Yoga has helped me to become more free of my conditioning and my limiting believes. It  helped to become an embodied being, to become more of you I truely am and less of who I think I was. 

I want the same for you. I want you to realize your true divine nature your infinite potential. I don’t want that people get turned off by yoga cause they think they are not flexible enough or strong enough to do fancy poses. 

If you can sit and you can breathe, you can do yoga! 

Lets practice yoga right now:

Just sit down, close your eyes and take a few deeper, concious breathe, feel how the breath moves in and out through both of your nostrils, feel how the chest expands with every exhale, and the chest contracts with every the exhale. 

Follow the breath in and out a few moments. Become aware that you are not your thoughts. That the thoughts as an own entiry come in and pass by infeont of your minds inner eyeY Feel how your witness your thoughts. Just remain silent for a few moments, and connect with that part within you that is the witness of all what’s happening. Your true you. Pure awareness itself. 

How do you feel?!

Still angry? No I am not. But I wish that yoga would be taught more skillfully and more carefully with more knowledge about the poses and what they do to usD 

Now its raining here in Bali, but that doesn’t make me angry no, it’s soothing it’s cozy. In one hour is my next class happening. It will be a beginners class and it will be all about the breath. 

Slow. Alignment based. Spacious. 

Come and join a class of mine when you are around Ubud, and experience the whole range of yoga more than just asana, experience more of what yoga holds as a gift for as. 

Maybe I will be angry, maybe not, but for sure passionate for yoga, and teaching from a place of love. 


With Love, Wanda

Let your faith be bigger than your fears


The journey of the yogi is one for the brave ones.
Its about becoming what is called a bhakta – a faithful one.
Moving from fear towards love. From contraction towards expansion.From doubts towards trust.

Moving out and away from the voices and limiting believes inside of us that hold us small and that keep us below our capacity to thrive and shine our light into this world.

And yes it takes courage to open our hearts to the unknown and to scream YES I am ready! As we open our arms to all possibilities ahead. Its fucking scary to be brave.
And brave doesn’t mean to have no fear but it is to do it anyway.

Especially in times where life shakes us up and everything seams to be chaotic we should feel the fear and move towards what scares us most.

Where there is the fear there is the way, and what scares us will liberate us.
The journey of the yogi is moving out of old repetitive patterns which hold us back from our own potential, and see where is the biggest growth.

Stepping up the game and into our own largeness, into our greatness is scary, because it means also to become vulnerable – To Say: Look at me, here I am with a wide open expansive heart, that is my gift and thats what I am sharing with you and the world. It”s free falling.

But when you feel into your heart, right now, and ask yourself what scares you the most at the moment ?! Is it the new relationship thats moving towards you and you are scared to fully commit and become vulnerably ? Is it leaving your old job and not knowing what comes next cause you realize your job just makes you sick !? And it doesn’t have to be big, maybe it is just super scary to break out of the reactive pattern of your own behavior that you repeat again and again and you know they are actually destructive!?

So whatever it is that scares you, and be super honest with yourself, do THAT thing!
Do it and jump, jump into the unknown, let go with a faithful heart – become a BHAKTA.
Trust and have faith that the universe, that god has a plan for you.
Have faith that there is a bigger picture we can’t see yet in our narrow mind.

Open yourself to all possibilities ahead, being open to the BIG PICTURE picture and play it BIG.
Step into the Power of your own Light, and don”t wait ,do it now, NOW is the time!

Sending you all Infinite Love & Graditude

The Moon & The Sun – HATHA


The yoga tradition says we, as humans exists as a two folded being, we are a sum up of the fundamental energy of the moon and the sun. Which is speaking in codes, Moon = Consciousness/Mind and Sun = Energy/Prana. 

In Hatha Yoga we want to work with those two energy’s, meeting them in the middle using our breath to cultivate more energy / sun light in order to affect our mind / moon and using our awareness our mind to connect with source. You can give that source also other names, depending on what you believe in: God, Allah, Buddha nature, universe or universal consciousness. 

In order to experience ourselves, in the deeper and subtle layers of our being, we first of all have to slow down our practices and our yoga teaching. As teachers and students, in both cases we have to slow down. Slowing down sounds so easy, but its not, especially when we are used to practice and teach in a faster way. But the real jewels are hidden in the slow, and that doesn’t mean lame, but in a mindful way of practicing yoga. 

I love yoga and this path I am on here as a teacher and student of yoga at The Practice Bali. I feel so grateful and happy to be part of what the yoga tradition wants for us: Cultivating a stable mind with a radiant open heart. Becoming a mentally, emotional stable being – calm but energized. The marriage of the Moon & the Sun! 

I would love to see you all soon here in Bali at THE PRACTICE in one of my Hatha Yoga Classes, experiencing the subtler layers of who you are, through asana, pranayama and meditation.


Wanda Badwal