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Dear friends and yogis,

I get more and more requests from you asking me for advice and guidance in personal life circumstances and as well for professional advice as a yogateacher mentor.I like to answer your requests with an official offering here.

To make it clear upfront I am not a classical therapist or Coach! What I am is a teacher and channel of intuitive guidance to align and support you to find your highest truth through sharing my life experience and knowledge with you. Working with you, I trust into my Inuition, my knowledge, my life experiences, my emotional and social intelligence.

Private Session: 

My aim for you is to help you in REMEMBERING who you truly are – REMEMBER THE GREATNESS OF YOUR BEING! To empower you, support you in finding selfknowledge within yourself and support you to live up to your highest potential, a life that feels aligned with your individual truth. A life that will feel automatically more empowered, healthy and authentic for your body, mind and soul. How we will get there will look very individual for each one, and I trust into my intuition by tuning into your energetic field and story of your life to help you find your answers on a subtle and practical level.  

My work is influenced by my own studies, experiences and toolbox I have integrated into my life of different systems like: Enegramm, Ayurveda, TCM, Non Violent Communication, Human Design, Spirit Animals, Reiki, Mindfulness, Meditation, Chakra System, Yogic Philosophy, Mantra, Creative Expression, Pranayama and Yoga. 

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers: 

Teaching skillfully yoga is an art, every yoga teacher knows that. My aim is to spread a high quality of yoga and encourage more and more people to start doing it. I love to support you in your own growth and challenges as a teacher. Your class planning, sequencing, music selection, themeing. Speaking  and discussing questions that may arise during your own practice and teaching experiences on your spiritual path of self development.

My Backround:

I was born in Hamburg Germany, into an alternative family, former Osho devotees, and grew up in a community living with a marshal art master. My parents are both therapists and psychologist, there for I was confronted and called out to analyze and reflect on myself and behavior from an early age. I was drawn to understand myself and others more deeply. My whole life I have been a seeker, a seeker of truth a seeker of self knowledge. Since I was 14 I went meditating in the monestary to understand the meaning of life, who I am and why we have to die one day, I went to silent retreats and meditation retreats. I always wanted to understand myself and human race and why we do what we do, why we have this human experience and why do we create suffering in our lives?!  

I always asked the big and important questions of life and seek for answers. So far, I have found a few 😉 But I keep on asking! I hope you have a few questions too! 

Some of you might know me from a backround in the model and media scene. Yes, that is also part of my life story and experience. I have started modelling when I was 14. After 13 years of regular school I finished a 3 year diploma in musical acting – studied dance, singing and acting at Stage School Hamburg. I worked successfully in the media industry over 15 as a model, actress and photographer in tv, cinema and on Stage and was 2008 part of the TV show Germanys Next Topmodel.

The spiritual path and the work in the media are two quiet big opposites of worlds – one very external and one very internal focused. So I have been ‘out there’ in the external for quiete a while and I heard the strong calling that its “enough”! It was time to ‘come back home’. The call came in form of hitting a wall of burn out and feeling depressed. when I was 27 years. Unfortunately in order to wake up we most often hit a wall, sometimes in form of a physical desease, accident, loss of a beloved – to wake the fuck up! The decision of becoming a yoga teacher was for me a full commitment to the life long inner path the path of self – inquiry and awakening. 

I know what it means to loose yourself in the external. I know feelings of selfhate, deep unhappyness, insecurity, unsatisfaction, depression, sadness, fear and the feeling of seperation and loneliness.

Because of my own suffering I spend a lot of time, energy and money throughout my whole life doing selfdevelopment work in different therapies, workshops, coachings and healing sessions in order to understand, heal, grow and raise my level of conciousness. I am commited to this path of selfknowledge and empowerment and offer you here my hand to come with me.

All of my life experience from different worlds and lifes will flow into my coaching sessions with you. Finding your truth and way back ‘home’.

If you feel a YES towards me and working with me then get intouch for further informations of my offerings in different packages: 


For the first contact I offer you a 20 min free skype call to get to know me. 

  • Single Session 60 min / 69 USD
  • 5 x Coaching Sessions a 60 min / 330 USD
  • 10 x Coaching Sessions a 60 min / 530 USD


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